Omega Craft Beer


Omega craft beer is great if you love squinting and dreaming of traveling aboard ancient Greek ships, your vivid imagination will be encouraged by the fanciful notes of coriander and bergamot that emphasize Omega beer: the true essence of Calabria in a glass. Perfect for those who love to make their own and mix the elements of the past and the modern in everyday life. The clear and opalescent color recalls the changing reflections of our seas. A beer with a slightly acidic, fresh and spicy taste, whose true protagonist is bergamot, “green gold of Calabria”.


Alcoholic content: 5 ,2%

Beer Style: Blanche

Color: Opalescent

Taste: Slightly sour

Fermentation: High

Style origin: Belgium

Recommended glass: Jelly

COMBINES WITH : aperitif, white meats, fish.

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