Lambda Craft Beer

Session Ipa

Lambda craft beer is the beer for the most rebellious souls, for those who have never been afraid to jump into the sea without waiting 3 hours after lunch on the beach and for those who have never disdained the bomb dive from the rocks. A dark blonde with different citrus hints, with a consistent hopping and a contained bitterness, with a slender and golden body. The IPA session is for those who love to experiment, for those who love to get out of the box, the IPA, in fact, has the reputation of having started the “Craft Beer Revolution” and the session is a sub-style, even more sophisticated. A beer for lively and always positive souls.


Alcoholic content: 3.9%

Beer Style: Session Ipa

Color: Blonde Gold

Taste: Bitter content

Fermentation: High

Style origin: England

Recommended glass: Pint


aperitif, appetizer, fish.

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